Abdominal operations 

The abdominal operations such as large abdominoplasty or mini- abdominoplasty is done in analgosedation or general anesthesia. Minor operations such as umbilical hernia, removal of scars and other similar operations are carried out in  local anesthesia. Recovery time again according to the type of operation varies between 5 and 21 days.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)                               from 1 450 EUR   

Abdominoplasty with straight muscle suture      from 1 700 EUR   

Mini-abdominoplasty                                              from 1 200 EUR            

Operation of umbilical hernia                                  from 350 EUR

Correction of scars                                                    from 160 EUR 

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                                  Abdominoplasty BEFORE

                         Abdominoplasty AFTER