Lipografting of the face (fat transfer)

Other face operations such as lipografting, reduction of nasolabial faults, correction of lips etc., are carried out in local anesthesia eventually in analgosedation (the venous administration of an analgesic together with  sedatives). Recovery time is about 10 to 14 days.

Lipografting of the face with fat                               from 1 000 EUR

Cheeks                                                                            from    600 EUR

Dark circles upper/lower lids                                       from   400 EUR

Nasolabial folds                                                             from    590 EUR

Dark circles lower lids and cheeks BEFORE                                        Dark circles lower lids and cheeks AFTER

   Nasolabial folds BEFORE                                                                                   Nasolabial folds AFTER

              Lipografting of the face with fat BEFORE
               Lipografting of the face with fat AFTER